Bodywork by Piper, LMT, RN, BA


The Fantastic Things People Say About Piper

Piper brings real knowledge and care to her practice. She is an excellent listener and a true healer. The benefits of her massage therapies have been long lasting for me. I can not thank her enough!
Jess Adams
Oxford, OH

Dear Piper,
Your massage was exactly what I needed! I was finally able to relax. Iíve had massages everywhere from Canada to the Caribbean and I can honestly say that yours was my favorite. Thank you! Iíll definitely be back.
Haley Higgins

Dear Piper,
Hands of A Surgeon! I don't have to tell Piper where I hurt, she intuitively knows right where to go. She give a Massage Like no other! I look forward to my massage day with Piper, she is the best!
Jim Reed
Mason, Ohio

Dear Piper,
I have experienced body ache and pain from my work as a pool and hot tub installer. I had never had a massage before I met Piper, I was amazed of the skill of her hands, knowledge and perception. My body has much more mobility and the discomfort has disappeared! What an eye opener, to discover that one need not accept tight muscles and discomfort. The quality of my life has significantly improved because of Pipers massages. I will never "tough it out" again! I book a massage with Piper when in need.
Steve Schroeder
Tri-county Pools and Hot tubs

I have had massages all over the world. When Piper asked if I had ever had a massage before, of course I said yes. After the massage, I was so blown away, I simply said to Piper, "I guess I never have had a massage before!"
Arnie Sherman
Professor, University Of Montana

Missoula Montana

As a massage therapist myself, I am very picky--and Piper's massages never disappoint me. She is both intuitive and technically "right on." I look forward to my "massage day" like none other!
Gini Maddocks, LMT
Holistic Wellness Instructor
Author, Rescue and Relief for Computer Users

Jim and I have been fortunate to experience many many massages on our travels throughout the United States. Though most of these massages have been enjoyable, we are always happy to return to Oxford to experience Piper's special method of massage. She is simply the best.
Piper, you are truly an asset to the Oxford Community.
Best of everything, always -
Opal Wespiser, Long Time Oxford Resident

Your skillful hands and knowledge about massage, and about the body, allowed me to fully let go and relax deeply into the experience. I found myself wanting to focus solely on the moment and take it all in. Once in a while I was interupted by a thought such as, "I hope I have a lot more time left", then I was back to enjoying the moment and appreciating the sensations and relaxation of a deep body massage. What an experience! Taking care of yourself is a wonderful thing to do. I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much Piper!

Donna Karaba
Business and Life Coach
Apex Life

From a person who's made a career out of having massages--Piper is the BEST!!!

JoAnne Means
Top O'Hill Daylily Farm

I tell everyone with confidence that Piper is by far The Best Massage Therapist on the Planet. If you have ever had a good massage or a bad massage, you need to experience the magic in Piper's massage.

Amanda Lewis
NiteLites Outdoor Lighting developing your business through more effective marketing, printing, and promotional products and services.

Piper- Thank you so much for the excellent massages. You know that my entire family loves your massages. All of us feel that we need to get in to see you more.

Tom Frederick
NiteLights - Landscape and Architectural Lighting Systems

Dear Piper,
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to speak to our Learning in Retirement class in Hamilton. Our students enjoyed your presentation.


Thank you so for the great massage. I felt so much better. I will highly recommend you to my clients. You don't know what a pick me up it was for me.
Thank you,

I cannot thank you enough for the peace of mind and body you blessed me with this year. You have a wonderful talent and gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Ali - Miami Student

My lifestyle has improved significantly because of my massage therapist, Piper LMT, RN has removed the pain in my neck/shoulders/back increased my mobility 100%, reduced work stress and added total relaxation to my busy life.

Piper works with her clients to design a program and strategies to fit his or her needs. She is an expert at locating the deep layers of muscle tissue and fibers that cause pain.

Piper is a very professional, warm, concerned and highly experienced massage therapist who is also a registered nurse. She not only understands the body's anatomy but how it is effected by the body's systems. My experience with her has been just wonderful.

Mary Ellen Burns
Talawanda Middle School Teacher

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